“I love seeing blank canvas, they represent a new project.” Mujer Hoy

“I love seeing blank canvas, they represent a new project.” Mujer Hoy

The urban and maritime landscapes portrayed by Paula Varona (Malaga 1963) are born in an empty space where nothing distracts her. In her study reigns white neutrality, silence and natural light. A unique space (originally a living room) that opens into nature: “Sometimes birds come in and it’s hard to help them finding the way out, it’s very exciting”.” I do not have schedules but I have moods, in addition to my three children, who need dedication ” And is that Paula Varona, besides being a painter, is mother. For that reason, she decided to install her studio at home. “Here I can isolate myself and, when they need me, I leave the brushes and turn to them, who are my most important artwork.” In the studio, there are two easels: one with a finished painting and another one blank, still to start. “I love seeing the canvas like that, because it represents a new project. ” Then I need to paint.

Aware that not all economies can afford an original work, Paula Varona has set up a generous initiative: she offers some of her paintings in

different sizes and formats: poster, paper or canvas. You can find them on the web www.paulavarona.com

Mujer Hoy

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