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Amaneciendo en el puntal (Cantabria)

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Amaneciendo en el puntal

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Print Amaneciendo en el puntal. Santander  estuary. Santander bay is located in Cantabria and it is the largest estuary on the north coast of Spain, with an area of 22.42 km², a length of 9 km and a width of 5 km. Due to the influence of Santander and its metropolitan area, almost half of the population of the region is concentrated around it.

The entrance to the bay is preceded by the El Sardinero cove, where the Mouro island is located. The access to its interior is made by a narrow passage of sea located between the Magdalena peninsula, and the  El Puntal beach, a long longitudinal bar of beaches and dunes that protects the calm inner waters of the bay



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