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Mayor´s office (Fuente Cibeles)

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Mayor´s office

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Print Mayor´s office. The Cibeles Fountain was built in 1782 and since 1895 in its current location, it has ended up lending its name to one of the most emblematic squares in Madrid and it has become a symbol of the city. The fountain represents the Roman goddess of the same name, symbol of the land, agriculture and fertility, on a cart pulled by lions. The goddess and the lions were carved in marble and the rest in Redueña stone, near the Sierra de la Cabrera.

The goddess is also an icon of the followers of the Real Madrid football team.

It is said that it is connected to the Bank of Spain, so, if some criminal wanted to steal the safe cage of this building, the water from the fountain would flood all the underground corridors and nobody would  have the opportunity to escape.




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