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Quiet music, sound solitude

Quiet music, sound solitude

Dear Paula …

To the hyperrealism of urban landscapes, with remembrances to Antonio López, you have added an impressionistic brushstroke that transforms them. The light in your eyes spills over the streets, people, cars and buildings to light them with originality. You make a deep painting, of well-learned craft, of insatiable artistic breath, of extraordinary complexity.

The exhibition that you present at Casa de Vacas left me shocked. Apart from the novelty of several paintings in three dimensions, you have centered the Gran Via urban landscape on your palette, to transform reveal it with its own profiles. Your buildings and streets run and pass and dream like the Antonio Machado rivers

It encourages the artist´s soul in them. They light everything with the avarice of the runaway sun.

My unforgettable friend Juan Eduardo Cirlot said that art, like man, is between two opposite forces that request it, one is the beauty of absolute serenity, the other the fascination of the abyss. You have raised the hollows of the city, to the height roofs and domes to recreate in the serene contemplation of beauty. Your paintings have, Juan de la Cruz in the background, rhythm of quiet music, of sound solitude. You are, dear Paula, as in poet´s verse, the hurricane of melancholy, the confusion of the eyelids, the cry in the void, the red crumbled heart, the throat full of light, the skin of the soul anointed by a snake, bearer of shackles and shadows.

Your stones are worked by the moans of the street.

Luis María Ansón