Almería con la mirada hacia África

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Almería con la mirada hacia África

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Canvas Almería con la mirada hacia Africa. To the south of the Peninsula, The Almería Coast opens to the Mediterranean Sea. Its landscape is very peculiar, deserted in some areas, full of greenhouse crops in others, mountainous and with rocky beaches or dunes, it offers a wide range of possibilities for enjoyment and leisure. In its towns we find traces of ancient civilizations such as El Argar or Los Millares and a rich monumental heritage such as the Alcazaba in Almería capital or the watchtowers and castles that are located along the coast, a sign of the historical importance of this zone.

The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar offers a paradisiacal place with pristine and deserted beaches where you can enjoy crystaline waters to practice scuba diving, sailing or windsurfing. An impressive spectacle of high cliffs beaten with violence by the waves




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