La hora de lubicán



Poster La hora del lubicán. Business complex AZCA in the Paseo de la Castellana. It is a financial and business disctrict in Madrid. Around 27,000 people work here and 100 000  come through it.

The AZCA towers are: Picasso Tower (156 m), Europa Tower (120 m), Castellana 81 (107 m), Titania Tower (104 m), Mahou Tower (85 m), Castellana Tower Building (82 m), Negra Tower ( 70 m), Castellana 77 (68 m), Edificio del Maestro I y II (62 m), Edificio Triestre (58 m) y Edificio Cadagua (57 m).


Tamaño Grande -61 x 91 cm, Tamaño Mediano – 29 x 70 cm, Tamaño Pequeño – 21 x 50 cm


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