Bear above Madrid scarf (Small)


Measures: 35 x 35 cm

Bear above Madrid semi-silk scarf, by the Spanish painter Paula Varona, made entirely in SpainPrint Oso sobre Madrid. Casa Allende. Plaza de Canalejas, known as Cuatro Calles; It is located in the centre of Madrid between Carrera de San Jerónimo and the streets: La Cruz, Sevilla and Príncipe. It bears the name of the politician and orator José Canalejas, who was killed by an anarchist. The most emblematic buildings of this square are Banco Hispano Americano, Casa de Allende, and the candy store “La violeta”, a small handmade candy store opened in 1915. It is A legendary anecdote that King Alfonso XIII bought these “violets” both for his wife, Queen Victoria Eugenia, and for his lover, Carmen Ruíz de Moragas.


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