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The magic of the everyday

Luis Alberto de Cuenca, filólogo, poeta, traductor, ensayista, columnista, crítico, editor literario e investigador español.

— The magic of the everyday

“Paula Varona may well be a Pre-Raphaelite, but her painting does not follow Ruskin’s theoretical postulates. She comes from a different tradition; one that springs from Impressionism and which, under cover of an apparent faithfulness to photographic reality, contains much that is dreamlike. Paula chooses sparkle and light over shadows; these lose the battle in her urban architectures. Paula gets Madrid to glow in paintings that are very expressive and endowed with a delicate staged elegance, perhaps because the artist always looks up: to terraces, cupolas, roofs, statues that crown buildings. The upwards impulse of her gaze brings back joyful, luminous results. In her new exhibition, Paula offers us a series of paintings which present a more serene colour scheme than in previous installments, playing with greys and whites, soft and pastel colours. While the general path is towards greater simplicity, it does include, as a novelty, the human figure, albeit integrated in full harmony in the city landscape. In the creation of new perspectives, imagining surprising points of view, Paula, as the great classical master that she is, continues to impart lessons through her canvases; lessons of a happy, fresh, positive modernity, as distant from mere photography as from a boring artistic deconstruction, immersed in the mystery of the real, in the magic that springs from the everyday.” Luis Alberto de Cuenca

Mayo, 22nd, 2013